Hello! Thank you for visiting. My name is Steph Holmes and I am an artist living and working in Pennsylvania, US.


I make art about life. There is little difference between the miraculous structures of my lungs, my lungs which move every few seconds to pull life-giving oxygen into my body, and the systems that keep a tiny beetle living and breathing. This little green beetle crawls across my windowsill and I can feel how fragile his life is, like my own. In fact everything feels fresh and fragile and full of stories all around me, and this sense of empathy is poured into everything I create. 

I am an artist and art educator. My creative journey has led me to many places and to many forms of self-expression: ceramics, sculpture, painting, book-making, and many others. I now split my time between playing in my studio and working as the Director of Education at an arts non profit, where I help other people connect with their innate creative selves.

Contact: stephholmes.art@gmail.com

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Contact: stephholmes.art@gmail.com