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January: A Month of Stillness and Play

I've known for a couple months now that January was going to be my special month to rest from the pressure of accomplishing more. The to-do lists were starting to gather around me in piles and were way longer and more menacing than they needed to be. That's my sign to slow down!

So this month has been all about just leaning into the joy of making. The rules? No planning, no list-making, no strategizing... just make things when I want to and just because I feel like it in the moment. Not as easy as it sounds, but certainly just as rewarding! Time to play...

This reflective, quiet season has also got me thinking about the ebb and flow of the internal seasons. Not so long ago, my life used to be all about pushing nonstop to grow grow grow. But what a massive bout of burnout taught me was if I listen close enough, my body and intuition will tell me when I need to push for growth and then again when I need to slow down and find some stillness.

So, do you know what season you are in? Stillness? Or growth? Below, you'll find my latest sources for both stillness and growth. I do hope you enjoy!

Sources of Peace

watch "May the red, red persimmons bring you a happy, prosperous new year!"

listen to "Sleep Hypnosis for Calming An Overactive Mind"

read "Wintering: the Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times"

Sources for Growth

watch "5 meals I eat each week >> vegan & healthy"

listen to “Life Raft: So You've Got Climate Anxiety. Here's What You Can Do With It”

read “The Elegance of Slow”

Do you have any other sources you'd like to share with me? Anything you've read, watched, or listened to that satisfied your need for more peace or growth? My wish for you is that you are moving through all of the emotions of January with ease and feeling confident in all that you are doing. If you aren't, then know you aren't alone! We'll get through this rocky season soon. As always, thanks for reading and being here.

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